Simon Nwambeben : voice, guitar
Purity of Simon's voice associated with a unique guitar playing, inspired by Bantu percussion. Simon Nwambeben takes us again into his universe of poetry, love and simplicity... A little spring mildness which will brighten up the hearts.
L'autre moi
Harp Bitibak
Simon Nwambeben : voice, guitar Magali Zsigmond : harp
Drums Bitibak
Cello Bitibak
Moum a ngnamga
Simon Nwambeben : voice, guitar Samuel Lecomte : drums
Simon Nwambeben : voice, guitar Erwan Martinerie : cello
Bwém bém
Moum a ngnamga
Wa youtite
Wa Youtite
Simon Nwambeben's voice and guitar are still the base. They take you to a long melodious, enthousiastic and enchanting trip. Simon Nwambeben is accompanied by talented musicians.
Simon Nwambeben
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