Voici, rien que pour vous, la recette Marmite Bitibak is Simon Nwambeben's invitation to take part in a tasty trip with Bantu sounds: an original combination between cooking art and musical art. Manioc leaves with peanuts and different spices: this is the traditional Cameroonian meal that Simon Nwambeben cooks with his public as the Bafia people do. He makes his public participate in the preparation and the cooking of the meal, meanwhile he interprates his songs, sprinkled with fine harmonies coming out of his guitar. He says, plays and sings his texts but also talks about the life in his country, how he learnt to cook with his mum, without forgetting to talk about Bafia, his birth town. In about 1h to 1h30, the manioc leaves are cooked. They are served with some steamed plantain bananas and some rice. Then the public can enjoy the meal.
Simon Nwambeben
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